Warner Robins Concrete Lifting

Warner Robins Concrete Lifting

Uneven foundation, floors, sidewalks, and driveways can pose both structural and safety issues for your home or business. It is performed to return your uneven or broken concrete to its original height.  When you want to revamp the appearance and safety of your residence or commercial property, this may be the perfect answer for you!

Our professionals have the expertise and experience to raise your concrete slab and adjust it back to its original, and safe position.  With our concrete lifting in Warner Robins, GA, you will have a stable and durable concrete surface that is both safe for walking/driving and also attractive.

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What is concrete lifting?

It is the process of lifting and leveling concrete slabs to return the concrete to its original height and position.  This process involves drilling small holes into the concrete.  Our contractors will them inject polyurethane foam into the hole to begin lifting the concrete until the desired height is reached.  After the concrete is lifted, we will patch the hole and leave you with a stable, restored concrete surface.

Our highly-technical polyurethane foam enters the holes as a liquid to spread evenly throughout the concrete and completely filling any void.  This prevents any issues, like resettling, from occurring in the future.

Not only is concrete lifting a budget-friendly solution, but it also provides you with long-lasting results and less clean-up than concrete replacement or other types of concrete repair.

It provides many solutions, such as:

  • Level sunken concrete

  • Fix and seal leaks

  • Fill voids

  • Stabilize joints and slabs

Do I need concrete lifting in Warner Robins, GA?

When it comes to issues with concrete, many home and business owners in Warner Robins, GA ask us one question:  do I need to replace or repair my concrete?  It is the optimal and effective solution for many common scenarios.

You notice breaks in the concrete slab.

Concrete lifting is a great solution for those who notice breaks or large cracks in their concrete slab that result in uneven pavement, pool surfaces, or foundation.  These issues indicate that the rest of the concrete is intact, which makes it easy for a quick, inexpensive lift and repair by our concrete contractors.

You want to minimize nearby damages.

Many property owners in Warner Robins, GA choose to repair their concrete to save costs on replacing the entire surface.  Warner Robins concrete lifting is an inexpensive way to restore your concrete without damaging any nearby landscaping, surfaces, or yard space.  Concrete lifting is a localized solution that preserves other areas of your property.

You don’t want to lose the business.

Many business owners opt for quick and effective concrete repairs, like concrete lifting.  These solutions leave you with stable, durable concrete that can hold light traffic within hours after the job is complete.  This leaves your business hours minimally affected while restoring your exterior to full function and beauty. 

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